Legal services

Our experience in any particular legal field can be measured by a client excelling in their field or position. It may be measured by a transaction value in the billions of Czech crowns. It might be measured by a creative legal solution that turned a client's unfavorable legal position around. Or it may be measured by the level of determination to our client. However, each case is unique, and for that reason, we consider our experiences only as a basis for designing a specific legal solution. 

We are the best in following fields:

Public investments

Since the beginning of HVH LEGAL's existence, public investment has fallen within our area of expertise. We provide services in relation to public procurement, concessions, PPP projects, and state aid. Our team has gained practical experience in the field of public investment from both financial providers (contracting authorities/providers of subsidies) and financial recipients (candidates/recipients of subsidies).

We offer consultations to our clients in preparatory phases, as well as subsequent phases of public investing. We administer public procurement proceedings and represent our clients in proceedings conducted by The Office for Protection of Competition, tax authorities, the Ministry of Finance, and throughout judicial reviews.

Our services for participants of public procurement procedures include preparation of bids, alternatively reviewing their formal correctness, coordination of joint bids or bids including subcontractors, preparation of objections against public procurement documentation or against actions of contracting authorities, and representing clients in proceedings against contracting authorities (The Office for Protection of Competition, administrative courts).

Our services in this field also cover issues related to the Register of contracts, the act on free access to information, legislation regulating property management by contracting authorities, and audits of such property management. Our comprehensive knowledge of public investment allows us to help our clients achieve their goals effectively.

Corporate law

Company management and entrepreneurship, in general, entail many legal obligations, many of which affect a company's day-to-day operations. We ensure that our clients can focus on their business while fulfilling their legal obligations with as little burden as possible. We help our clients navigate this area, provide them with specific instructions for every situation, and prepare tailored solutions.

Consultancy in the field of corporate law is a core part of our services, and we can provide comprehensive legal counseling in all areas of corporate law.

For instance, we can advise you on choosing the right legal form for your business activities, arrange the company's foundation, and set up its suitable corporate structure. We can assist with changes to the company's incorporation documents, fulfillment of all legal obligations, including administrative obligations related to the Commercial Register, Trade Register, or Register of beneficial owners.

We will assist you in establishing relationships between business corporations and members of their governing bodies, as well as relationships between shareholders. We will organize general meetings and meetings of other company bodies as well. We can provide advice on structuring legal relationships between companies within a corporate group, company transformations, winding up and liquidation, and many other related matters.

Technology and intellectual property

Over a decade before the concept of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) was introduced, we participated in drafting agreements concerning the operation of digital marketplaces, model agreements for the supply of IT systems, and other challenges related to rapidly changing technological developments. Through cooperation with technological leaders in various market segments, we have not only maintained direct contact with the ICT environment but also contributed to shaping it from a legal perspective.

We have utilized our experience on behalf of suppliers and investors in public procurement procedures and during negotiations of key supplier agreements for eGovernment development. We have also been involved in regulatory and decision-making activities of the Appeals Committee of the Czech Telecommunication Office, as well as in publications and patent litigations.

The development of technology and networks is no longer solely an issue for businesses or public administration; it has become a part of our privacy and everyday life. We increasingly apply our experience and creativity to issues concerning legal liability, protection of personal data, and other personal rights.

Litigation and mediation

We do not consider any dispute to be a foregone conclusion, and we are prepared to get involved at any stage of an ongoing dispute. By thoroughly analyzing our clients' situations and positions, we assess the risks and propose optimal strategies and suitable solutions. We vigorously defend our clients' rights by actively utilizing all possible and necessary procedural means. Recognizing that the prevention of disputes is the most convenient approach, we always explore options and ways for out-of-court dispute resolution. Consequently, we represent our clients in courts of all instances, arbitration courts, as well as in mediation proceedings.

We offer representation to our clients in all fields of law, particularly in complex business disputes. We provide consultancy and legal support in enforcement proceedings, insolvency proceedings, judicial reviews of administrative decisions, and other specific types of court proceedings.

Our services are not only related to representing clients in court but also in proceedings conducted by all state authorities, such as The Office for the Protection of Competition, The Industrial Property Office, customs offices, and other state institutions.

Real estate and construction

Our team has acquired considerable experience in a wide range of real estate transactions, including office buildings, shopping centers, solar power plants, airports, residential buildings, hotels, and logistics centers. Our legal services include preparing contractual documentation, such as contracts for work between contractors and investors, subcontracts, association agreements, financing agreements, and more. We ensure that the contractual documentation is clear, efficient, and practical, with an emphasis on minimizing foreseeable issues within the contractual relationship and reasonable allocation of risks between the contracting parties. Dispute resolution is an integral part of our legal services, particularly in construction phase disputes, where we focus on prevention but also have substantial practical experience in mediation and arbitration. Our goal is to seek solutions that prevent disputes, minimize their consequences, and efficiently resolve them for our clients.

In the field of infrastructure construction, we are leading specialists in the application of FIDIC contract clauses. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Transportation, we have participated in working groups drafting customized versions of Terms and Conditions based on the individual FIDIC books used by public investor organizations.

We also specialize in providing comprehensive claims management and handling issues related to additional works, variations, and other change request processes (e.g., extension of deadlines) associated with project implementations.

We have substantial experience in representing our clients in litigations arising from construction projects carried out under FIDIC contractual terms, where we regularly achieve a high success rate. However, our main goal is to prevent such disputes in our clients' best interests. Therefore, we also represent our clients in conciliation proceedings and out-of-court negotiations with contracting parties. 

M&A transactions

PIn the process of preparing and executing M&A transactions, we leverage not only our expertise but also our practical knowledge of the local legal and business environment. Through long-term cooperation with colleagues from different fields, we provide not only legal expertise but also economic, accounting, and tax services from the beginning of the process.

Our services include preparing an information memorandum (teaser), conducting legal audits (due diligence), and preparing documents for the data room. During negotiation and drafting of transaction documents, we ensure the proper treatment of clients' rights and interests, including proposing suitable security instruments. We also identify risks of future legal disputes and strive to prevent them as much as possible by proposing appropriate contractual instruments.

Labour law

Our team has gained considerable experience in providing consultancy and representation to clients in the field of labor law, both on the sides of employers and employees. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of labor law and the needs of HR teams. We are also fully aware of new trends in the HR market.

Whether it is negotiating of management agreements, drafting of labour law agreements, internal labour law regulations, labor related judicial disputes, negotiating with trade unions, setting up liability relationships, renumeration and bonus schemes, HVH LEGAL is the right place. we prioritize comprehensibility for their intended recipients and strive to achieve our clients' goals with minimal interference to their existing operations.