Tomáš Němec (Mgr. Ing.)

I enjoy in analysing problems and devising solutions, but the best approach is often preventing them altogether. In this regard, I thoroughly enjoy assisting clients, providing advice, and seeking alternative solutions to challenging situations. 

The Law permeates almost all areas of our increasingly complex world, and I consider my knowledge of law to be a great advantage. I appreciate its practical applicability in various life situations. This was my motivation  to pursue a career in law. Despite my initial study of economics, in which I also obtained a degree. 

Throughout my professional journey, I have worked in a regional law firm with a general practice, gradually gaining experience in a wide range of legal areas. Subsequently, I further honed my expertise at a major Czech law firm, where I became familiar with different legal fields, environments, and approaches to meeting clients' needs. However, it was not until I joined HVH LEGAL that I found the right balance. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its long-term development.